Sustainable Performance & Self-Confidence

What is Full Spectrum Endurance Coaching?

Overwhelmed by stress? Because of this, do you neglect your self-care?

Do you feel like you’re missing out on reaching your full potential?


At FS Endurance we help you to improve all aspects of your life. We connect scientific based training with decades of experience in pro & amateur sports. We take care of your individual fueling needs and work with your body’s specific needs. Of course mental power is deeply integrated into our work and your daily training & life. This will build your resilience and prepare you for any challenge that you might face.


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Our Team

Florian Bögge

Founder & Head of Performance

Hi, my name is Flo. I’m a former German pro athlete living in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. I’ve been coaching amateur & pro endurance athletes for the past ten years. Connecting my pro racing experience with my passion for scientific work allowed me to build a great framework that helps my athletes to reach their potential.

Stefanie Sichler

Founder & Head of Mental Power

Hi there! I focus on endurance athletes navigate the ups and downs of training and racing, helping them create healthy, sustainable and confidence building habits. My experience and ongoing work as a licensed counselor and certified yoga instructor, and cycling coach continue to fuel my love for research and application of psychology concepts within endurance sports.

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