7 Steps for Planning the Year Ahead – a Roadmap

It doesn’t matter at what time of year we do this, but with the New Year right around the corner, it makes it an easy point in time to plan for the months ahead. But New Year’s resolutions rarely stick, because they often are unrealistic and inflexible. Instead, let’s plan in a more sustainable way!

6 Things to Help you Stay in Rhythm through the Holidays

The holidays are here, but are we ready? I’ve been so busy training and working and writing and connecting, that it hit me: there are only about five weeks left to the end of the year. FIVE. In those few weeks, we tend to pack all sorts of activities (present shopping, decorating, holiday parties, family in town, kids at home) on top of our regular scheduled program , only to collapse by the end of the month, hoping for the year to come to an end. I have certainly been guilty of this myself in the past. But, this year, here’s a chance to do it differently!

Indoor Cycling is the Perfect Addition to your Outdoor Training

With technological improvements, especially in the past 5 years, it has become much more feasible and even beneficial these days to add regular indoor cycling sessions into your training. Wondering how and why you could add a bit of indoor training into your life? Keep reading…

How to Use the Off-Season to Strengthen your Mental Game

When you’re deep in a training block and extra hours in the day are hard to come by, that’s not the time to build and grown new mental skills. During those times, we want your mental skills to be running smoothly, to help you get through those long days and tough workouts. That’s why it’s so important to work on your mental game in the off-season, so that by the time you’re in the building and racing phases of training, you’ll be able to utilize them automatically.

What is the Full-Spectrum Approach for Endurance Sports?

At Full-Spectrum (FS) Endurance, we do things differently. We take an athlete’s whole life into consideration, not just training units. We know that being an athlete requires much more than just the workouts. Yet in traditional coaching, these other determining factors rarely receive the attention that’s needed to become a long-term successful athlete.

Mental Power and the Full-Spectrum Approach

The Full Spectrum Approach utilizes mental power as an equal part with performance and fuel. Why? Because endurance training is not only challenging for the body, but for our mind all the same. Have a race coming up and race jitters? Let’s work on that. Have difficulty sleeping at night so your body can’t get the rest it needs? Let’s work on that. Is work stressful and you can’t seem to shut off your mind or stop checking emails? Yes, we work on that too. We want you to feel confident not only when you are completing your workout, but in all those hours in between the workouts too. Only when you feel confident and calm there, do you give your body the necessary tools to adapt properly.

When you Feel Confident, your Performance Improves

Ever feel like something is holding you back, like you’re stuck in a pattern and can’t get out not matter how hard you try, but not sure why? Maybe you’re supposed to take a rest week but can’t relax, or you’re having pre-race jitters that give you stomach pains, or you rarely ever feel like you did well enough in a race. Your mind might be going in circles, maybe even spiraling, deep into the night, until it keeps you from getting any quality sleep. Does any of this sound familiar?