Healthy Gut, Happy Brain

From a functional nutrition perspective, everything starts in the gut and what it can do with the foods we eat. There are billions of microorganisms living in our gut that have a beneficial relationship with us. We feed them and they “feed” us. But this relationship can become non-beneficial, if the microorganisms and their environment gets unbalanced, compromising digestion amongst other things, while a healthy gut will get the best out of the foods we eat.

The Complete Athlete

Performing at your best and reaching your full potential…this seems too good to be true and something that is only withheld for pro athletes. It is not! Let me introduce you to the complete athlete. A step-by-step system that will help you improve your current situation and will allow you to unlock your full potential.

What is the Full-Spectrum Approach for Endurance Sports?

At Full-Spectrum (FS) Endurance, we do things differently. We take an athlete’s whole life into consideration, not just training units. We know that being an athlete requires much more than just the workouts. Yet in traditional coaching, these other determining factors rarely receive the attention that’s needed to become a long-term successful athlete.

Fueling and the Full-Spectrum Approach

Most athletes know that good nutrition is essential for great performance and wellbeing. Yet there is still a lot of confusion. Sadly, a lot of that has to do with the fact that much of the information out there comes from studies sponsored by food manufactures or they are simply made up to sell more products. With the full spectrum approach, we look past supplement hype and focus on the individual needs of each athlete.

The Dangers of Underfueling

From blinking your eyes to running a marathon, your body is using energy. If you underfuel, the insufficient energy available won’t keep you going for long. Think of your heart pumping blood to the rest of the body, your lungs absorbing oxygen every time you breath in, your intestines breaking down what you eat, your kidneys filtering blood 24/7, and your brain… thinking, making decisions and coordinating everything, every fraction of a second. These are all functions your body is executing to keep you going, as you swim, run or bike, or live your everyday life, and you need food to fuel all these energy consuming functions. We are much more than bones and muscles, so when we’re fueling our body, we have to think big picture!