Dani Salvado

Nutrition Coach

Works with: All Performance Levels

Speaks: English & Portuguese

Favorite Sports: Surfing & Mountain Biking

Located in: Boulder, CO USA

My Coaching Philosophy
Nutrition Counseling is a partnership between counselor and client. You and I together are part of your health journey, and you’ve already taken the biggest step if you chose to care for your nutrition. I’m here to guide you in this process, assess your health and concerns, and recommend what’s best for your diet and lifestyle habits. Functional Nutrition is where food meets physiology. And since we are all different, I approach every case with a curious mind and attention to how your unique biology works for you. I focus on achievable diet and lifestyle goals as well as education.
It is empowering to be aware and in control of your diet, because when you choose with a purpose what you eat, you know you’re doing what’s best for your body and your health. And that’s beautiful!
My Background
Born and raised in Brazil
2000 – 2007    Competitive high school volleyball
2011   Bachelor in Social Communications
2014   Moved to Hawaii and started journey as a chef

             Worked under head chefs with background in nutrition and physical training

2017 – 2020     Managed a meal prep business

             Competitive outrigger paddler
             Raced Molokai channel, Pailolo channel and Liliukailani 

2021   Moved to Colorado
             Certification on Functional Nutrition Counseling

Dani's Recent Articles

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The Dangers of Underfueling

From blinking your eyes to running a marathon, your body is using energy. If you underfuel, the insufficient energy available won’t keep you going for long. Think of your heart pumping blood to the rest...

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Dani's Training Plans

All training plans provided through TrainingPeaks

Functional Nutrition

Starter Package
$315 per package
  • Intake Assessment
  • Dedicated 60 min Health History Session
  • Dedicated 60 min Nutrition Counseling Session
  • Functional Nutrition Timeline
  • Functional Nutrition Matrix
  • Personalized Action Form
  • Follow Up Session

Functional Nutrition

Online Coaching Session
$100 per session
  • Single Session
  • Educative Informations
  • Guidelines & Tips
  • Insights on Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits

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