Florian Bogge

Head Coach & Founder

Works with: All Performance Levels

Speaks: English & German

Favorite Sports: Triathlon, Cycling & Swimming

Located in: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

Performance Testing in Kona

My Coaching Philosophy

Test, train, achieve and repeat. High performance training has been the center of my life for 2 decades. I was able to work with some of the best coaches and people in the endurance scene. During that time I learned a lot from the good and the bad. I worked with a lot of female athletes, teams, age grouper and pro athletes. All these learnings are part of my decision making process. The most important piece though: everyone is different and deserves their individual plan. The full spectrum approach is the result of us seeking the best coaching approach possible.

My Background

Born 1991 in Germany, US resident

2003- 2010 Cycling Academy / Olympic Training Center Boarding School

           2012   Start Coaching & Triathlon

           2017   Master int. Business (M.Sc)

           2018   Turned Pro (Triathlon)

                         Moved To The US, Got Married

           2019   Diagnosed With Ankylosing Spondylitis

           2020   Founded Kona Endurance LLC

           2022   Retirement From Pro Triathlon Due To AS, Founded FS ENDURANCE LLC 

Achievements as an athlete

  2003-2012 int. cycling wins

             2013  5th Place Race Across America Team

             2016  Hawaii Quali 2. Place Ironman Mallorca

             2017  Ironman WC 70.3 & Hawaii

  2018-2022 Podium finished all races as a pro athlete

Flo's Recent Articles

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Flo's Training Plans

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