Stefanie Sichler, LPC

Mental Power Coach & Founder

Works with: All Performance Levels

Speaks: English & German

Favorite Sports: Cycling, Swimming, Running

Located in: Portland, OR USA

My Coaching Philosophy

My goal is to give you the tools needed for you to feel confident so you can get un-stuck from any stressors and challenges in your training and life. We work together to look at all aspects of your life, to build a unique plan for your needs and your day-to-day schedule. And since change and growth happen more easily when you’re having fun, I try to keep things light, so you feel comfortable while we tackle a variety of emotional and mental subjects, always with sustainable performance in mind! 

My Background

Licensed Professional Counselor – 11 years experience

Mental Health & Counseling Consultant – 2 years experience

Certified Yoga Instructor – 15 years experience


Competitive Road Cyclist – 10 years experience

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