Fueling and the Full-Spectrum Approach

Consistency and success in performance depend on proper fueling

Most athletes know that good nutrition is essential for great performance and wellbeing. Yet there is still a lot of confusion. Sadly, a lot of that has to do with the fact that much of the information out there comes from studies sponsored by food manufactures or they are simply made up to sell more products. With the full spectrum approach, we look past supplement hype and focus on the individual needs of each athlete.

Are you allergic to dairy? Do you have an immune disease? Have you had RED-S in the past? Do you live a stressful life? Do you take a lot of pain medication? Are you experiencing menopause? These are all examples for factors that influence how your body can deal with food. We want you, the athlete to be aware about all of that, so you can feel confident about how you fuel your performance. A happy and well-fueled body is the foundation of a consistent and great athlete.


A lot has been said about the superstars in the sports that took crazy diet approaches. Is their way the right way? It might be for them, but that doesn’t mean copying these approaches 1:1, without the understanding of WHY they are taking these actions, will help you. Integrating a healthy approach to food and nutrition into the athlete’s life is the goal. History has shown us that a culture where unrealistic body images and unreasonable diet approaches lead to under-fueling, under-performing, mental health issues, and injuries.
With our Full-Spectrum Approach, we ensure that you know what is best for you, your body and lifestyle. A magic pill won’t fix all problems. But a healthy lifestyle, good food and the right training at the right time will make sure that you are able to perform well for a long time.
Welcome to Full-Spectrum Endurance!

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