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The perfectly balanced training plan to reduce work load for recovery while providing enough training stress to minimize de-training.




By providing you not only with PHYSICAL training but also with MENTAL skills, STRENGTH and guidance on NUTRITION this plan will facilitate your recuperation from the previous season’s training and leave you well prepared for the next. More so, this plan will accelerate your athletic growth by providing specific training sessions to improve your economy, technique, strength, mental toughness, nervous system and nutrition.

REQUIREMENTS: Heart rate monitor


A properly designed off-season is key for improving as an endurance athlete from year to year. Striking the balance between reduced work load for recovery and providing enough training stress to minimize de-training is thus the ultimate goal.

In addition, the offseason is the best time for you to add and consolidate new athletic assets that facilitate you in reaching your potential next season. All while staying healthy.

This plan offers you:
– Dedicated swim, bike, run and strength sessions
– Mental skills and toughness training
– Information on how to nudge your nutrition
– Nervous system training for top performance
– Explanations & objectives of your workouts. Because literally in this case: ‘Knowledge is Power (W)’.

This plan will prevent you from making the common off-season mistake of combining weeks of too much training with weeks of too little exercise. The unfortunate result of such a poorly planned off-season is the inability to build on your previous year’s training and racing.