The Complete Athlete

Peak performance needs more than just workouts

Performing at your best and reaching your full potential…this seems too good to be true and something that is only withheld for pro athletes. It is not! Let me introduce you to the complete athlete. A step-by-step system that will help you improve your current situation and will allow you to unlock your full potential.
We start with assessing your current situation. Too many people live in a world of wishful thinking and that holds us back way more than it helps us. We might be world champions in our heads, but if we try to act and train like one without having the basics set, we will never reach the next level. An honest assessment of your current performance, mental power, and fuel habits is the first step. We have 4 levels/categories that we will fall in. Here is an overview chart:
Level Performance Mental Power Fuel
Training & effort are consistent
Awareness of stressors in life and ability to acknowledge them
Ability to fuel workouts & match burned calories without huge deficit
Hard workouts are hard and easy workouts are easy (training in the right zones)
Ability to adjust days and take time to recharge
Fueling workouts according to intensity and duration
Listening to body’s needs and adjusting training, workouts accordingly
Adapting a growth mindset and seeing limitations as possibilities
Cleaning up diet according to body’s needs & life circumstance
Accepting the body’s limitations and working with them and not against them
Accepting one’s own journey and supporting it instead of trying to forcefully and counterproductively push it
Accepting stressful days and unexpected events and adjusting diet on the go no matter what
Below we’ll show you two different athletes that are at different points in their journey. You can see how not developing certain area is holding them back!

So now to the big question: How do we level up?
Via daily habits.

The path to longevity is made up with daily decisions that help you reach your potential. These daily decisions will build habits that are the foundation of each level. They will help you to lead a life full of sustainable performance & self-confidence. You will develop objectives that will help you to change your habits. These objectives will be different for each category (performance, mental skills & nutrition) and level. They will be individual to your needs and lifestyle, but follow a bigger picture.

Let’s start with an example to give you an idea. Let’s say we have a fuel level 2 objective: “I have fueled 100g of carbs during my hard training”. On every given day you have the chance to hit the objective and get one step closer (+1) to your goal of forming a new habit. You might not be able to work on an objective, because it might be connected to something like a training that’s not possible to do on a rest day for example (0). Or you might fail the objective on a given day (-1). Over time your good choices will add up and form a new habit. On average it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so we recommend getting at least 21 consecutive +1 days in before proceeding to the next objective. With our model & graph we are able to show how your habits are developing and if we are on track.
It's so important to consider all of the aspects that affect our wellbeing and therefore our performance. Stress at work or at home can affect our physiology just as much as a bad night of sleep! To get your body to perform at its best, we look at all of these factors that play into your health!
Stefanie Sichler
Mental Power Coach
Implementing the principle of the “Complete Athlete” is like adding an entire orchestra to support your swim-bike-run gig. Becoming a Complete Athlete will seriously boost your athletic capacity.
Marion Summerer
Performance Coach
Nutrition is part of the everyday effort necessary to become a complete athlete. The journey has ups and downs. To change daily habits, including nutrition, is not an easy task, but with consistency and persistence, day by day, you’ll make the progress you’ve been working for.
Daniela Salvado
Nutrition Coach

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Something for you to try...

Now that you learned about the levels, take an honest look deep into yourself and try to figure out at which level you are for each category (performance, mental skills, nutrition). Once you’ve done that think about the objectives & actions necessary to strengthen your healthy habits. This will be the first step in your journey towards the full potential.

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